Tulpen für Kiew (c) Mariya Kozymenko

Love again Part 2

You lift me up cause you‘re a star.

You shine so bright and like fancy cars.

I really want to marry and everyday come home to you. Because I really fell in love with you! And still do love you even more.

Because you never stress me out, you just like me for being me, crazy as I am you still want to be my man.

I enjoy everything about you even when you‘re not around me.

When I think of you I can‘t hide my smile, I can‘t hide my tears cause I left you.

Just because I was so worried that someone like you deserves better than me. That you just want to have sex with me.

Sometimes I think I know nothing bout you when I realize it‘s what you do.

You helped me a lot when you were there for me, gladly now I see.

Someone like you with a heart of gold is hard to find and even harder to remind that even if I broke up with you, I couldn‘t stop thinking bout you.

I don‘t want to rush or hurry, I just want to let you know: I WANT TO MARRY YOU

No one else But you!

Running Touch