You‘re name reminded me of something. What could it possibly be? I said yes a long time ago. But dancing is more fun alone than with you. Really? You‘re trying to roll me up? Indeed you just want another fuck. What you expect from me is what you deserve, someone who hits you right in your face! Someone who rapes you just because he thinks he’s your master. But Baby please come on, I had so many lovers who will tell you exactly that I don‘t need a master. Cause I am not a slave to you, or do I look like Britney Spears? Are you crying tears? Like Baby no please don‘t go to police I make up an excuse anyway ‚cause I am so ashamed of myself I have to Tell everyone she‘s crazy when everyone of her besties know she‘s sick. You want everybody to make fun of me and blame me for being your victim again? Do whatever you can but please do some brain scan someday because it‘s Not your broken heart causing so much pain But the fantasy you create! Nobody of my Friends ever liked you anyway. So better shut up before I roll you up, you stupid sexist!