The Look

I am lovely, I am mean and anything in between.

I am smart, I am dumb and sometimes feel a little numb.

I am strong, I am weak and hope to find what I seek.

I am angry, I am sad but I really don‘t want to be mad.

I am silent, I am loud and every now and then I‘m also very proud.

I talk too much, but then I stop because the bomb already dropped.

I like you a lot, I hate you so much, it‘s not easy being tough.

I want to change, I want to stay the same but I am rather full of shame.

I want to thank you, I want to say sorry but it‘s getting really boring.

I want to let go but I hold you so tight, in the end it doesn‘t feel right.

You can put the blame on me because I am stronger than you think, even if I consider myself weak!

Please don‘t look at me like that, just smile, because you deserve to be happy all the time!